Sweetgreen Menu Ballston Name: Sweetgreen
Phone Number: (703) 522-2016
Directions & Reviews: link to a map
Address: 4075 Wilson Boulevard Arlington, VA 22203

Summary: Sweetgreen is the answer to the new era of fast-casual dining. We
offer customers delicious, all-natural salads and refreshing frozen yogurts. With local, farm-fresh ingredients, award winning decor and operational simplicity, sweetgreen creates a chic atmosphere and a unique dining experience.


Wiinkys Menu Ballston VAName: Wiinkys
Phone Number: 703-243-2400 ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎
Address: 3902 Wilson BLVD Arlington VA 22203
Website: www.wiinkys.com

Summary: Wiinkys is a fast casual restaurant known for its freshly prepared burgers and hot dogs, made from premium 100% Certified Black Angus Beef. Patrons design their own delicious burger creations or select from half a dozen unique and mouth-watering house favorites. At Wiinkys we prepare all our foods on site to insure we are serving food Grilled Fresh every time you visit our restaurant. Our mission is to serve the best burgers, hot dogs, subs, wings, and salads.


Carpool Menu Ballston Name: Carpool
Phone Number: (703) 532-7665
Directions & Reviews: link to a map
Address: 4000 Fairfax Drive Arlington, VA 22203-1604
Website: http://www.gocarpool.com

Summary: Think Andy Warhol meets General Motors. That’s CarPool in a nutshell…The end result is a pop art testament to the American obsession of automobile culture that would make Lee Iacocca jealous.” That’s how Billiards Digest described CarPool when awarding it the accolade of Best New Room in 1996.